Baise_cougar Baise_cougar
Town: Douala
Address: Tradex village
Services Erotic: Girl Friend Experience, Overnight Stays, Sensual & Erotic massage, Strip tease
Age: 23
Clients: Both men and women
Gender: Men

visits 160 

Sexcam 3500
Baise 2coups+pipe 1000
Anal 1coup simple 8000
Anal 1coup+pipe 10000
Sieste vaginale 1h 3coups +pipe 15000
Sieste anale 20000
Sieste anale et t vaginale 25000
Nuitée 4coups+pipe 30000
Nuitée anale et vaginale 3coups 35000
Photos sexy 1100-5000
Vidéo sexe de moi 2000-5000

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